About us

Vital Home Health Services is lead by a highly professional and experienced Registered Nurse with over 21 years of extensive experience in both the public and private health sectors. Having a Director of Nursing who has such extensive knowledge and experience has allowed Vital Home Health Services to become one of the fastest-growing community nursing providers in Sydney.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, experience and teamwork. Our team of compassionate and caring Nurses and care providers enrich people’s lives by providing holistic care to meet all of our clients’ needs and also assist our clients to reach their goals.

At Vital Home Health Services, person-centred care is at the heart of our services, where each client receives a service that is personalized, tailored and that takes into account each and every aspect of the person’s life, personal surroundings and preferences.

Vision Statement

Vital Home Health Services is committed to providing safe, effective and optimal community care and nursing care to each and every one of Vital Home Health Services clients, their carers and families. We will achieve this by utilizing clinical knowledge and expertise through a client-centred care approach.

Why Work For Vital Home Health Services?

Vital Home Health Services understand that our staff are our most important asset, which is why we provide them with regular training, education, flexibility and support. We have a genuine commitment to work/life balance which enables our staff to choose where they would like to work, on which days and at what times to suit them and their lifestyle. If you would like to join our team of highly professional, dedicated and caring staff, please click here to go to our careers page.