icare Health Services

Vital Home Health Services are proud approved providers of icare. icare deliver world-class insurance and care services to the businesses, people and communities of NSW. Whether a person is severely injured in the workplace or on our roads, icare supports their long-term care needs to improve quality of life, including helping people return to work.

At Vital Home Health Services, person centred care is at the heart of our services, where each client receives a service that is personalized, tailored and that takes into account each and every aspect of the person’s life, personal surroundings and preferences.

Vital Home Health Services provides care in the following categories for icare clients:

  • Physical support
  • High clinical support
  • Cognitive behavioural support

Physical Support

  • Personal care including hygiene
  • Wound care and management
  • Medication administration, including prompting and monitoring.
  • Skin care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Chronic disease management
  • Pain management
  • Domestic care

High Clinical Support

  • Continence support
  • Skin care and personal hygiene
  • Dysreflexia
  • PEG tube feeding and management
  • Tracheal tube care and management
  • Seizure care and management
  • Ventilator use and management
  • Complex bowel care
  • Nutrition support
  • Respiratory support
  • Colostomy care
  • Stoma care
  • Advocacy for other services

Cognitive Behavioural Support

  • Psychological, social and mental well-being support
  • Grief and bereavement counselling
  • Dementia care
  • Arranging carer support services
  • Health education

More Information

For more information on icare or to make a claim, please visit their website.