Coordination of Care

By using a holistic approach, Vital Home Health Services Care Providers take the time to get to know you and your loved ones. We liaise on a regular basis with you, your loved ones, your GP, and any other health care professional providing care to you. We sit down with you to identify all of your needs and goals through a process of assessing, planning and facilitating all of the options available to you, including your option to use an advocate any time you choose to do so.

We perform regular reviews of all clients to ensure our services are meeting all of our clients’ needs and goals. If at any point our services are no longer meeting our clients’ requirements, we tailor our services accordingly to meet your new needs and goals to ensure that our clients are able to maintain their health and wellbeing and live a comfortable and fulfilling life.

Vital Home Health Services are able to link you up with all the local social supports programs available to you, including transport and access at these services. Vital Home Health Services staff are very well networked and can help you source services in your local area that you may have not known about. Vital Home Health Services staff will not leave a stone unturned when it comes to coordinating your care and services. We will strive for your comfort, your health and wellbeing including your enablements at all times.

At Vital Home Health Services, person centred care is at the heart of our services, where each client receives a service that is personalized, tailored and that takes into account each and every aspect of the person’s life, personal surroundings and preferences.